The online edition of today’s New York Post reported that Tiger Woods and his wife Elin have resolved the issue of custody.

The details were not really set forth in the story nor are they really important.  Assuming all that has been reported on is true (and quite frankly if even if only some of it were true), if there is ever a spouse that had a right to be really mad it is Elin Nordegren.  Yet even these people were seemingly able to put aside the anger, lack of trust, resentment, etc. that is likely to exist to do what is best for their children.  From all accounts, it does not appear that the children were used as pawns. 

So if this story is try, these people should be commended and serve as an example to others (at least as to this issue and maybe golf) on how to put aside the emotional issues surrounding a breakup and potential divorce and put the children first.