Several months ago, I posted a blog entry entitled "All Cases Have a Life of Their Own"  To view that entry click here.  The premise was that while most cases settle, they usually will not settle until both parties are ready, emotionally and otherwise, to move on.  That may be the case even if a party’s best case resolution is on the table from the outset.  If they are not ready to settle at that time, they will not.

In a more rare occasion, a party is never ready emotionally to settle and a case just has to get tried.  That is unfortunately the case in a matter that I have that is going to trial next week.  Because of the other party’s mind set, my adversary has for many months told me that the case would be tried.  He did not tell me this as a threat or to get leverage – just as a fact.  In fact, a settlement proposal we made has been pending for about a year without a response.  In addition, no bona fide efforts were made by the other side to settle at either the Early Settlement Panel, mandatory economic mediation or the Intensive Settlement Conference.  During the party’s recent deposition, he said that "it was too late" to settle, once my client hired an attorney. 

Obviously, this is no consolation to my client who has been eager to try to resolve this matter from the start.   Hopefully, the remedy will be a generous award of counsel fees at the end of the trial to compensate my client for having to endure the husband’s conduct which has been nothing short of unreasonable, if not bad faith.