THE HOLIDAYS.   For some people, the holidays are a joyous, festive, and happy time of the year – filled with family, friends, and well wishes.   For the rest of us, the holidays are stressful, hectic, and at times depressing.  Another year has come and gone – little has changed. I am a year older.  I have not lost those 20 pounds I swore I would lose at the beginning of the year – and now I have to lose that 20 plus an additional 15!  Ahh yes….. the holidays. 

For those people on the midst of a divorce these feelings can be exacerbated and even compounded further when children are involved.   During a divorce or immediately following, will be the first time children and both parents are not celebrating the holidays together.  Old traditions may be broken.  No longer will certain in-laws be seen, some you may have actually liked.  This can be hard on everyone involved, especially the children.Continue Reading Divorcing During the Holidays – Don’t Ruin It for the Kids