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Sandra C. Fava is a partner in the firm’s Family Law Practice, resident in the Morristown, NJ office. She has dedicated her legal career to the thoughtful and diligent representation of clients in divorce and family law matters. A certified mediator and a compassionate and creative attorney, she takes a solution-oriented approach, working closely with clients to identify their goals and develop a strategy that effectively and efficiently meets those goals. You can reach Sandra at 973.994.7564 or

Once a parenting time schedule is established, parents’ next concern is the logistics with pick-up and drop-off.   Even with a parenting time schedule memorialized issues arise: lateness, inconvenient locations, interference with children’s activities, etc.   Most times these issues can be resolved amicably without judicial intervention.  But occasionally an application must be filed with the Court

In my opinion, most people (typically women) decide whether or not to change their name to a maiden name at the actual time of the divorce proceeding, if not sooner.  The decision is a largely personal one and in my years of practice I’ve heard the gamut of reasons why to or not to change

So you’ve made the decision to get divorced.  It hasn’t been an easy decision to make.  You’ve hired an attorney and filed your Complaint.  You wait for your spouse to respond.  Nothing.  One month later; still nothing.  Another month; more nothing.  In the meantime, you are living together in misery.  Bills aren’t getting paid.  The

An interesting part of the practice of family law are the rare issues; the one that may not walk through the door every day.  Grandparent visitation cases oftentimes fit into this category.  They nearly always prove interesting, regardless of whether you represent the grandparent(s) or the parent(s), and they can quickly become complex and difficult