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Too often, I see people trying to make their co-parent’s life difficult just for the sake of being difficult.  Want to take your child to the carnival?  No – it interferes with dad’s parenting time by 30 seconds.  Want to enroll your child in karate?  Sorry – mom has plans to watch paint dry with

Recently I met with a new client who brought a close friend who had also been divorced to the meeting. Not surprisingly, I heard much about the friend’s divorce during the meeting, and it was clear that the client’s expectations were influenced by his friend’s story.

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“Caitlyn’s parents Maura and Michael were young loves. Their marriage only lasted two and a half years but the two say they amicably parented to give their daughter the best life they could.” ABC News Anchor, Wendy Saltzman, reported on last night’s news.

Caitlyn’s parents became estranged from their daughter when “Instead of following our

In the second installment of our New Jersey Family Law Podcast Series, we are proud to present – Impact of Grey Divorce on Retirement Planning.  Based on one of our earlier blog posts, Robert Epstein and I highlight the practical implications associated with the recent uptick in divorce among the “Baby Boomer” generation – those