The end of the year is the time for holiday merriment and top 10 lists. As a kid, I used to love to listen to Casey Kasem’s countdown of the top songs of the year. So I decided to do a top 10 list related to posts on this blog in 2022 ranked by pageviews of the posts.

  1. NO – Judges Cannot Give Parent Coordinators Binding Decision Making Authority that I posted last January. For whatever reason, parent coordination must be a hot button issue because historically, the topic gets a lot of engagement when we post on it.
  2. Why Do Judges Keep Wrongly Deciding Cohabitation Motions posted by me in May. It is my hope that after the Temple decision that we blogged on, the issue will get better. We had a very successful outcome with a cohabitation motion this Fall.
  3. New Jersey Appellate Division Rules Covid is Not a Permanent Change of Circumstances to Modify Support written by Jessica Diamond Lia in January.
  4. No Vaccine, No Parenting TIme – Part II written by Lindsay Heller in January.
  5. Good Cause to Seal Name Change Applications for Transgender Litigants written by Kory Chrichton in February.
  6. Covid-19 Vaccine Custody Decision Now Making the Rounds Out of Morris County written by Lindsay Heller in July.
  7. Is It Time to Stop Reflexively Applying Brown v. Brown to Disallow Discounts When Valuing a Marital Interest in a Business written by me in June.
  8. Appellate Division Provides Rationale as to Why Businesses are Rarely Divided 50-50 written by me in February.
  9. When Dealing With a Motion to Terminate Alimony, Courts Can Consider Prospective Retirement – No Really They Can written by me last May.
  10. Like the Lochness Monster, A Rare Doctrine of Unclean Hands Citing written by me in January.

So that’s the list. It includes posts by 5 of our bloggers on topics ranging from parent coordinators, to cohabitation, to support modification related to Covid, to vaccine issues both in the context of parenting time and whether a child should be vaccinated, to business valuation issues and division of businesses, to retirement as it relates to alimony and even the doctrine of unclean hands. Check back in 2023 when we will continue to provide interesting and usual New Jersey family law information.

Eric Solotoff is the editor of the New Jersey Family Legal Blog and the Co-Chair of the Family Law Department of Fox Rothschild LLP. Certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as a Matrimonial Lawyer and a Fellow of the American Academy of Matrimonial Attorneys, Eric is resident in Fox Rothschild’s Morristown, New Jersey office though he practices throughout New Jersey. You can reach Eric at (973)994-7501, or