Aaron Weems is an attorney in our Warrington (Bucks County), Pennsylvania office and editor of the firm’s Pennsylvania Family Law Blog wrote an excellent post entitled  Social Media Evidence.  We have blogged about the use of evidence from social networking sites on this blog in the recent past.  We have also noted news stories on this topic.

Aaron’s topical posts discusses how evidence from social media sites turns up in family court.  We have used posts on Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn and other places, as well as emails, text messages for different purposes in our case. 

People must remember that what they put on the internet may be there forever.  People must also be careful about the types of things that they put in emails and texts, where the detachment may allow people to be more bold in their statements.  Moreover, as was a problem in a recent case, while the client did not have a Facebook account, his girlfriend did and she did not hesitate to post the details about her relationship.  Needless to say, that enraged his wife and made her disbelieve many things that he said.