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Read Matt Levitsky's Post Entitled "Who Gets to Claim the Child if there is 50/50 Custody?"

Posted in Child Support, Tax Exemption

Matt Levitsky, an associate in our Montgomery County, Pennsylvania office wrote a guest blog for our fir’s Pennsylvania Family Law Blog entitled "Who Gets to Claim the child if there is 50/50 Custody?" Matt’s post talks about the four prong test and the fact that at the end of the day, all other things being equal, the… Continue Reading

Tax Treatment of Excessive Perks and Personal Expenses for Business Valuation Purposes

Posted in Equitable Distribution

I recently blogged on the issue of how to treat unreported income, perks and other personal expenses paid through the business and the treatment of same for support purposes.  As noted in that post, the issue comes up both for support and business valuation purposes.  In order to value a business, the experts come up with… Continue Reading


Posted in Other

More often than not, a matrimonial law attorney is not a C.P.A.  More often than not during the process of a case, a client will ask the advice of their attorney, "How should I/we file tax returns this year?"  The answer is and should be first and foremost a reference to a C.P.A.  A qualified… Continue Reading