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Alimony – Back to Basics

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We have done dozens of posts on this blog about alimony over the last 5 years.  Recent experiences have convinced me that it is time to get basics. Despite all of the cases that say that you can’t use a formula (the rule of thumb we have discussed previously on this blog), more and more,… Continue Reading

Alimony Fun Facts

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This being a family law blog, we talk about alimony a lot.  One reason is that, because there are no guidelines, only factors to consider, alimony is one of the more difficult issues to resolve.  How many years should it be for?  When is it permanent?  What does permanent really mean?  Is there a rule that you… Continue Reading

In a Long Term Marriage, Length of Marriage May Trump Age in the Alimony Calculus

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Sandra C. Fava is a contributor to the New Jersey Family Legal Blog and a member of Fox Rothschild’s Family Law Practice Group in the Roseland, New Jersey office. Sandra exclusively practices family law throughout New Jersey. She is a former law clerk in the Morris County Superior Court, Family Part and has experience in all areas of family law and family law litigation. You can reach Sandra at (973) 994-7564, or sfava@foxrothschild.com.

The Impact of a Post Complaint Substantial Increase in Earnings – Marital Momentum or Much Ado About Nothing?

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Does it matter if a party’s income increases between the cut off date (usually the date of Complaint) and the time of the divorce?  What about the argument that this income does not reflect the marital lifestyle so it should be ignored?  These questions were answered by Ocean County Family Part Judge Lawrence Jones, who, in… Continue Reading


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In an unreported (non-precedential) decision in the case of Brown v. Brown  released on May 25, 2010, the Appellate Division determined that veterans disability benefits and social security benefits are income for purposes of determining alimony.  In this appeal of an Order that granted some alimony reduction but not as much as the former husband sought, the facts are… Continue Reading