For many, the holiday season includes exercising traditional family celebrations.  For separated or divorced parents, the season brings about acrimony regarding which parent celebrates which holiday with the children because each parent wants to include the children in their respective family celebrations.  As one very respected and wise Judge noted “There is nothing wrong with children celebrating the holidays twice.”

Does it really sound ridiculous to enjoy Christmas morning festivities the day before or after Christmas?  Or to have the family holiday dinner on a different night?  I am certain that no child will complain about having a weeklong celebration of the holidays.  After all, it is twice the fun, twice the family and twice the gifts.  More importantly, I think that it is positive reinforcement of family values and beliefs to be reminded twice why we celebrate the holidays that we celebrate.

It is true that a holiday is a special day and that it seems incomplete when you are not spending it with your children.  However, the ultimate celebration of it with the children makes an ordinary day a special day.  This past Thanksgiving my family celebrated Thanksgiving twice.  My sons, husband, and I eagerly awaited for my daughter to come home for Thanksgiving.  When we learned at the very last minute that she would be unable to get home until Friday, I was not happy which is a huge understatement.  She would be missing the family traditional Thanksgiving with the grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.  In my mind, the tradition was broken.  At some point on Thanksgiving day, while in a different context but still applicable, I remembered what that wise Judge stated.  So, we celebrated Thanksgiving again on Saturday.  It was a different day but all of the traditions were exercised (again), the joy was shared and the memories created.  The only downside is that turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, pecan pie etc. will have to remain out of our diet for quite a while.

I wish you and yours a safe, peaceful and happy holiday season!