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What happens when a support obligor shorts his alimony and child support payments and then tax time comes around?  Of course, since alimony is deductible to the payor, he/she is likely to want to claim that most or all of the payments were alimony in order to get the deduction.  Inevitably, if the recipient doesn’t

Mark Ashton, a partner in our Exton (Chester County), Pennsylvania office and the editor of our Pennsylvania Family Law Blog, wrote an interesting post entitled "The Owner Know Thy Business" on that blog.

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EDITORS NOTE:  Mark’s post leads to a discussion of several interesting issues that are frequently encountered in matrimonial

The process for seeking Innocent Spouse Relief, a provision for individuals concerned about the accuracy of tax returns filed by their current or former spouses, has become a potential minefield.

In June 2007, the IRS published a revised Form 8857 – Request for Innocent Spouse Relief. Prior to that time, the form was short and