As I look back on the thought-provoking and insightful journey that was Season 1 of the “Jewish Divorce Talk” podcast, I am struck by the depth and breadth of the conversations we’ve had. As your host, I had the privilege of engaging with experts, scholars, and cultural figures to explore the multifaceted world of Jewish divorce. Together, we touched on the religious, legal, emotional, financial, and psychological aspects of this complex process. As we bid farewell to Season 1, let’s revisit the highlights and weave together the valuable insights that made this series so enriching.

Episode Summaries:

Episode One: Get Refusal Talk In our very first episode, we tackled the heart-wrenching issue of “get refusal,” a form of domestic abuse that occurs when a husband withholds the crucial “get” document, preventing his spouse from remarrying within the Jewish faith. Together with Keshet Starr, Executive Director of the Organization for Resolution of Agunot (ORA), we explored the causes and solutions for this problem. The lesson here was clear: cooperation between religious authorities and the legal system is essential in ensuring justice and compassion in Jewish divorce cases.

Episode Two: Sexual Abuse Prevention Talk Episode Two delved into the critical topic of sexual abuse prevention within Orthodox Jewish communities. Rahel Bayar, a former prosecutor specializing in sex crimes and child abuse, joined me for this conversation. We discussed the signs of grooming, dispelled myths surrounding abusers, and emphasized the urgent need for education and training to address this sensitive issue. The takeaway was clear: knowledge and awareness are key in protecting vulnerable individuals.

Episode Three: Intimacy Talk In Episode Three, we ventured into the realm of physical intimacy in traditional Jewish marriages with intimacy counselor Sarah Fraser. Her unique journey from a hairdresser to an intimacy therapist shed light on the importance of discussing and destigmatizing physical intimacy within Orthodox relationships. This episode underscored the significance of education in fostering healthy relationships.

Episode Four: Financial Talk Episode Four was all about the crucial role of financial planning in the divorce process. Aaron Safier, Chief Financial Advisor at Sapphire Wealth Advisory Group, shared his two decades of financial expertise. We discussed the importance of tailored savings plans, the role of financial advisors during divorce, and the necessity of open family financial discussions. The lesson here: financial literacy and planning are cornerstones of post-divorce stability.

Episode Five: Matchmaking Talk In Episode Five, we had the pleasure of hearing from Aleeza Ben Shalom, known for her role in the Netflix series “Jewish Matchmaking.” Aleeza shared her insights on matchmaking and her strategies for setting clients up for long-term success in love and life. The message was clear: finding love and lasting relationships requires thought, care, and professional guidance.

Episode Six: “Let’s Gett Serious” Talk Episode Six delved into the complexities of marriage and divorce in the Orthodox Jewish world. Nathan Gettisberg of the “Let’s Gett Serious” podcast shared his personal experiences and emphasized the need for better support networks for men navigating divorce. We also explored the concept of no-fault divorces in New Jersey. The key takeaway: empathy and support are essential during times of separation.

Episode Seven: Custody Evaluation Talk Episode Seven took us into the realm of custody evaluations, a crucial aspect of divorce proceedings aimed at safeguarding children’s well-being. Dr. Rachel Safran, a licensed psychologist and forensic child custody evaluator, provided insights into crafting recommended custody plans. We also discussed the incorporation of religious and secular beliefs into the evaluation process. The lesson here: the best interests of the children must always be the top priority.

Episode Eight: Narcissism and Parental Alienation Talk Our final episode of Season 1 featured Dr. Morton Fridman, a board-certified psychiatrist and psychoanalyst. Together, we explored the rise of narcissistic behavior and parental alienation within the observant Jewish community. We discussed the cultural and societal influences behind these behaviors, the impact of therapy on custody disputes, and the legal and mental health challenges arising from emotional narcissistic abuse in divorce cases. The takeaway: understanding and addressing psychological challenges are crucial in divorce cases.

Tying It All Together: Throughout Season 1 of Jewish Divorce Talk, we have woven together diverse insights, shedding light on a topic that intersects religion, law, psychology, finance, and emotions. Several key takeaways emerge from this inaugural season:

  1. Collaboration Is Key: Throughout the series, we saw the importance of collaboration between religious authorities, legal professionals, financial advisors, mental health experts, and cultural figures. This collaboration ensures a comprehensive and compassionate approach to Jewish divorce.
  2. Complexity: Jewish divorce cases are inherently complex, involving intricate legal, emotional, and psychological aspects. It became evident that a wholistic approach is necessary to navigate these complexities effectively.
  3. Support Networks: Whether it’s emotional support during challenging times, financial guidance for a secure future, education and training on sensitive topics, or therapy to address psychological challenges, seeking professional help and building strong support networks are recurring themes throughout the season.
  4. Awareness and Education: Many episodes emphasized the importance of education and awareness in addressing sensitive issues like sexual abuse prevention, intimacy, mental health, and financial planning.

As we eagerly await Season 2 of “Jewish Divorce Talk,” we anticipate further exploration of these critical topics and their impact on Jewish divorce. The series serves as a reminder that in times of separation, understanding, empathy, and professional guidance are paramount, offering hope and guidance to those embarking on this challenging journey.


Eliana T. Baer is a partner in the Family Law Practice Group of Fox Rothschild LLP. Eliana focuses her state-wide practice on representing clients on issues relating to divorce, asset distribution, support, custody, domestic violence, premarital agreements and Appellate Practice. She appears in both civil and rabbinical court. You can reach Eliana at (609) 895-3344, or