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Champagne Taste on a Beer Budget: How One Judge Determined Alimony for an Overspending Couple

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I’m not usually one to place a lot of stock in celebrity gossip, but I couldn’t help but take notice of the fact that it has been rumored that Amber Heard’s monthly income is $10,000, yet she spends $44,000 a month on shopping, dining out and vacations. Her ask for spousal support: $50,000 per month,… Continue Reading

“Conscious Uncoupling”: An Ode to a Mediated Divorce

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As a lover of all things Coldplay, I was sad to hear that lead singer Chris Martin and his wife of more than 10 years, Gwyneth Paltrow, were divorcing. Gwyneth Paltrow announced the separation on her website Goop.com and used the term “conscious uncoupling” to describe their approach to divorce.  Although the term had been originally… Continue Reading


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As a matter of public policy, New Jersey Courts favor the enforcement of agreements reached between parties. Since Marital Settlement Agreements (“MSA”) are entered into consensually and voluntarily, they are often approached with a predisposition in favor of their validity and enforceability.  That notwithstanding, these agreements are enforceable only if they are fair and equitable.… Continue Reading


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Talk about sticker shock.  A New Jersey father was recently ordered to pay more than $112,000 for his daughter to attend Cornell Law School. But is it really shocking?  The parties’ divorce agreement, entered into in 2009, did provide that the parents would split the cost of law school provided that she maintained over a… Continue Reading


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As noted by Robert Epstein in his blog post from earlier today, issues surrounding jurisdiction are often complicated and fact-specific.  Luckily, in the recent published decision (precedential) Johnson v. Bradshaw, the Court was able to draw a clear line regarding jurisdiction over support orders for parties that no longer reside in New Jersey. The central… Continue Reading

What Every Divorced Parent Should Be Thankful For This (And Every) Thanksgiving – Each Other.

Posted in Custody, Divorce, Practice Issues, Visitation/Parenting Time

Just in case you find yourself rereading the title of this blog over and over thinking you missed something, I promise you read it correctly the first time. Every divorced/divorcing parent should be thankful for their ex (or soon to be ex) spouse. As a divorce attorney, I realize that such a lofty suggestion is… Continue Reading

Tracking Finances: There's a (New Jersey Divorce) App For That.

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Oftentimes I hear from clients that gathering their financial information is the most daunting task they will face during the divorce process. They picture being buried in an avalanche of documents, account numbers and canceled checks. The New Jersey Divorce App’s Finance Tracker can help.  In fact, I have recommended it to my clients before,… Continue Reading


Posted in Child Support

I have previously blogged about the permanent alimony , imputation and lifestyle aspects of the Gnall case decided by the Appellate Division last week.  The last interesting aspect of Gnall was the treatment of child support in an over guidelines case, specifically, college savings. *Image courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net Remember from the prior posts that in this case, the… Continue Reading

Want Your Day In Court? Think Twice.

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Divorce filings seem to be at an all-time high and, to no surprise, the trial courts are feeling the pressure.  Documents filed with the court can get lost in the shuffle.  Although motions should be addressed within 24 days from the initial filing date, it can take months until the court actually makes a decision.  By then,… Continue Reading


Posted in Modification

As we have blogged before, perhaps the most critical document in the New Jersey family law landscape is the Case Information Statement.  A document designed to provide the court, parties and legal counsel with a complete economic picture – income, expenses, assets and liabilities – the CIS, which is signed by the party under oath, can be used to address several… Continue Reading

Appellate Division Finds that Putting GPS in Spouse's Car was Not an Invasion of Privacy

Posted in Domestic Violence, Privacy and Confidentiality

As technology progresses, the use of it rears its head during divorce cases.  One such form of technology is the use of a GPS in a spouses vehicle.  In a reported (precedential) opinion decided on July 7, 2011, in the case of Villanova vs. Innovative Investigations, the Appellate Division affirmed a trial court’s granting of… Continue Reading

Though NY Will Have Same-Sex Marriage, Governor Christie Says NJ Will Not

Posted in Civil Unions and Domestic Partnerships

As we blogged yesterday, NY passed a law allowing same-sex marriage and divorce.  While I am sure that many were hopeful in NJ, Governor Christie swiftly dashed those hopes on Meet the Press today. In an AP story, found in the NY Post, Governor Christie said that he would not sign a bill allowing gay marriage.  This… Continue Reading


Posted in Custody

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Another Decision from the Appellate Division on the Consequences of Cohabitation on Alimony

Posted in Alimony, Divorce, Modification, Practice Issues, Property Settlement Agreements

As a follow up to my blog post of last week, this week the Appellate Division came down with yet another cohabitation decision. The case of Pizzuti v. Proctor was decided on March 31, 2011. In Pizzuti, the wife appealed from a decision wherein the trial court terminated her former husband’s alimony obligation of $100… Continue Reading

Can a landlord-tenant relationship terminate an alimony obligation based upon cohabitation?

Posted in Alimony, Cohabitants' Rights, Divorce, Modification

It seems as though a wave of cohabitation cases has recently swept across the Appellate Division in New Jersey. And for good reason. While well-settled is the concept that a supported spouse’s cohabitation typically will constitute a change of circumstances sufficient to justify end of a supporting spouse’s alimony obligation, the nuances of the law… Continue Reading

Appellate Division Upholds the Definition of Maternity in the Age of Reproductive Technology

Posted in Paternity

Typically, when people think of a parentage a dispute, it is the father’s paternity which is at issue. However, with emerging science that paradigm is shifting. Specifically, with assisted reproductive technology on the rise, interesting questions crop up regarding the both of the child’s legal parents. This is because when a surrogate is used, hospital… Continue Reading

More on when a settlement is a Settlement

Posted in Interspousal Agreements, Other, Practice Issues

A recent case in which one party sought to enforce a purported settlement demonstrates the difficulties that arise when there is no signed agreement. In the unreported ( non-precedential) case of Galdo v. Hagarty, the parties were both represented by counsel during a dispute about the payment of child support and college expenses for one of… Continue Reading


Posted in Custody, Practice Issues

Aaron Weems is an attorney in our Warrington (Bucks County), Pennsylvania office and editor of the firm’s Pennsylvania Family Law Blog wrote an excellent post entitled  Social Media Evidence.  We have blogged about the use of evidence from social networking sites on this blog in the recent past.  We have also noted news stories on this topic. Aaron’s… Continue Reading


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There is no such thing as a normal or typical divorce, every case is different. Sometimes a case I expect to be difficult ends up being easy, while other straightforward cases can sometimes become quite challenging. Equitable distribution is no exception. Different clients have different assets (and debts) to divide – homes, retirement accounts, IRAs, 401(k), Keogh plans,… Continue Reading


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When to seek change of residential custody can be a difficult and costly decision to make. Obviously, when the safety and well-being of a child is in question, efforts must be made by the non-residential parent to seek custody (even if temporary) of the child. In a recent unpublished decision, Gorski v. Young, Appellate Division, Docket No.:… Continue Reading