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Herd mentality is an interesting thing.  It basically describes how people are influenced by their peers to adopt certain behaviors, follow trends, or purchase certain items.  While typically anthropologists thought of this as a survival instinct – i.e. people in groups who espouse common goals may survive longer in pre-industrialized society – it has gotten… Continue Reading

Seven Deadly Sins of Divorce: Envy

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They say that the grass is always greener on the other side.  Most of us are quite familiar with this sentiment, and maybe even with the feeling. Some of us want our neighbor’s fancier car; some of us yearn for our co-worker’s higher salary; some of us may even look on with great desire at… Continue Reading


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Last week, I wrote several blog posts about the plight of so-called “Agunot,” which describes a woman whose husband has refused to grant her a Jewish divorce, via a get – the bill which the husband gives to the wife in order to free her to marry again. In particular, I highlighted the plight of one agunah,… Continue Reading

What Every Divorced Parent Should Be Thankful For This (And Every) Thanksgiving – Each Other.

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Just in case you find yourself rereading the title of this blog over and over thinking you missed something, I promise you read it correctly the first time. Every divorced/divorcing parent should be thankful for their ex (or soon to be ex) spouse. As a divorce attorney, I realize that such a lofty suggestion is… Continue Reading


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Yesterday, I posted about the struggles of Gital Dodelson, a 25 year old New Jersey resident who is fighting to obtain a Get – the bill which the husband gives to the wife in order to free her to marry again. Therein, I noted that remedies under New Jersey law are limited, at best, when… Continue Reading

Tracking Finances: There's a (New Jersey Divorce) App For That.

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Oftentimes I hear from clients that gathering their financial information is the most daunting task they will face during the divorce process. They picture being buried in an avalanche of documents, account numbers and canceled checks. The New Jersey Divorce App’s Finance Tracker can help.  In fact, I have recommended it to my clients before,… Continue Reading

Tax Issues can Have Serious Consequences for Settlements

Posted in Equitable Distribution

The disposition of the marital home is oftentimes the most pressing financial issue in a divorce case. The current real estate market brings tax issues to the forefront which must be given consideration. When negotiating a settlement, (or preparing for trial) it is important to understand the tax consequences of the disposition of property. Too often, parties simply… Continue Reading

Poor Relationship with Parent not enough to Deny College obligation

Posted in Child Support, College

The issue of relationships between parents and children when determining allocation of college expenses is often a complicated one. I have had many post divorce clients, usually non-custodial clients, discuss their frustration with the lack of involvement that they have had in the selection of college for their sons or daughters but are expected to pay… Continue Reading

What Now? How do I afford to Move on After Divorce?

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 We all hear that in bad economies, divorce filings traditionally decrease.   There are many reasons for this, many of which are a subject for another day. Yet a prevalent concern that many of my potential clients express is the fear of the next step financially. Starting over is difficult and indeed overwhelming in the most amicable divorce… Continue Reading

Taking Care of a Special Needs Child in a Divorce

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I am currently preparing for trial in a case in which there is a special needs child. These cases bring another layer of topics to the already crowded plate. No divorce is easy, and when children and custody issues are involved it is more difficult. However, when a special needs child is involved, there are complex issues which arise… Continue Reading