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Read Matt Levitsky's Post Entitled "Who Gets to Claim the Child if there is 50/50 Custody?"

Posted in Child Support, Tax Exemption

Matt Levitsky, an associate in our Montgomery County, Pennsylvania office wrote a guest blog for our fir’s Pennsylvania Family Law Blog entitled "Who Gets to Claim the child if there is 50/50 Custody?" Matt’s post talks about the four prong test and the fact that at the end of the day, all other things being equal, the… Continue Reading

Read Aaron Weems' Post Entitled "Handling the Holidays"

Posted in Custody, Visitation/Parenting Time

Keeping with our theme of custody and parenting related blog posts this weekend, I recommend that you read  Aaron Weems‘, an associate in our Bucks County office and editor of our Pennsylvania Family Law Blog recently post on that blog entitled "Handling the Holidays." Family lawyers, judges, parent coordinators often don’t look forward to holiday… Continue Reading

Will the Palimony Statute Be Applied Retroactively – The Appellate Division May Soon Tell Us

Posted in Palimony

In January 2010, on his way out of office, Governor Corzine signed a bill requiring palimony agreements to be in writing.  We previously blogged on the enactment of that law.  The question that arose is whether the bill was prospective in nature or whether it applied retroactively.  At a seminar I attended in May, I heard a… Continue Reading


Posted in Civil Unions and Domestic Partnerships

Recently I blogged on developments in the debate of same sex civil unions and marriage in New Jersey.  To read that entry click here.  The New Jersey Star Ledger along with other media outlets have reported that the vote on the bill in the New Jersey Senate to approve gay marriage, scheduled for Thursday, December… Continue Reading