COBRA Benefits

Health care reform has been a hot topic as of late, as many Americans passionately debate the merits of the drastic changes being proposed by our current President and where we as a country will ultimately end up on this issue.  With that in mind and on the heels of last night’s presidential speech on the issue, now is a good time to review the role of health insurance after a divorce, since non-employee spouses are often understandably concerned about how they will pay for their medical bills and those of the dependent children. 

In a typical situation, one spouse has "family" insurance coverage obtained through his or her employer, providing coverage for themselves and their dependents.  While that spouse may continue to provide coverage for the children once a divorce occurs, the other spouse may no longer be covered because they are now legally independent from the employed spouse.  The insurance company will therefore simply not allow such an arrangement to take place.  During the divorce process itself, however, the insurance policy may continue to cover the other spouse.Continue Reading The Role Of Health Insurance In Divorce