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The Importance of a Credit Score

Posted in Equitable Distribution, Interspousal Agreements, Other, Property Settlement Agreements

Lawyers and litigants alike have long understood the importance of maintaining a good credit rating before, during, and after the divorce. As the parties, particularly one who has not had significant employment during the marriage know, a positive credit rating is critical to establish a new residence, purchase vehicles, and start a new, single life.… Continue Reading

Difficult and sometimes perplexing International Custody issues in the news- Again!

Posted in Custody, Other

Actress Kelly Rutherford is back in the news as the more than six year international custody battle for her children continues its latest chapter.  The case is presently in Monaco where her children are currently residing with their father, German businessman, Daniel Giersch. From a family law perspective, this case addresses almost every issue which… Continue Reading

New Jersey Supreme Court Defines Family Part's Role in Applications for "Special Immigrant Juvenile" Status

Posted in Custody, Other

In the consolidated appeals of H.S.P. v. MJ.K. and K.G. v. M.S. (Deceased) , the New Jersey Supreme Court  examined the role of the Family Part of our state court with regard to the factual findings necessary for a non-citizen child to apply to the federal government for “special immigrant juvenile” (SIJ) status. Process for… Continue Reading

Be One of Our ABA Blawg 100 Amici!

Posted in Other

Every year, the ABA Journal invites nominations for its Blawg 100 list, a compilation of staff and reader “favorites” within the legal blogosphere. The rigorous selection process for the 2015 list has begun, with the magazine calling for recommendations from “Blawg Amici” – regular readers who wish to support and spread the word about their… Continue Reading

I is for Independence: The divorce is over and so now what?

Posted in Divorce, Equitable Distribution, Estate and Trust Issues, Other

You’re at the Courthouse and your attorney has handed you for your final divorce documents.  It may be as a result of a negotiated settlement, or it may be as the result of a judge’s decision, but you are a single, independent person again.   But the end of the divorce is not exactly there yet.… Continue Reading


Posted in Divorce, Modification, Other

In my opinion, most people (typically women) decide whether or not to change their name to a maiden name at the actual time of the divorce proceeding, if not sooner.  The decision is a largely personal one and in my years of practice I’ve heard the gamut of reasons why to or not to change from… Continue Reading


Posted in Alimony, Child Support, Custody, Divorce, Domestic Violence, Equitable Distribution, Modification, Other, Practice Issues, Visitation/Parenting Time

A new report in Scientific American Mind suggests that humans who tend to overeat may develop the same patterns of neural activity as drug addicts. For example, in 2006, a physician at substance abuse center in Michigan noticed that many of his patients had recently undergone bariatric surgery to lose weight.  When they succeeded, patients… Continue Reading

Should you Change Your Attorney Mid-Stream?

Posted in Divorce, Equitable Distribution, Other, Practice Issues, Privacy and Confidentiality

Yesterday, I met with a potential client who was considering changing attorneys in the middle of a divorce.  Although dissatisfied with the present counsel, the  potential client expressed concerns that the judge might have a negative opinion if there was a change mid-stream. The lawyer client relationship is tough in many aspects. You have a… Continue Reading


Posted in Alimony, Civil Unions and Domestic Partnerships, Counsel Fee Awards, Divorce, Interspousal Agreements, Modification, Other, Property Settlement Agreements

Recently I lost a dear client and friend, Bill*, after his long battle with brain cancer.  Bill was a man with a kind-hearted spirit and a gentle disposition – one of those “really nice guys” that you just wanted to bend over backwards to help. While Bill was fortunate enough to spend his last days… Continue Reading

Tracking Finances: There's a (New Jersey Divorce) App For That.

Posted in Alimony, Child Support, Civil Unions and Domestic Partnerships, Cohabitants' Rights, College, Counsel Fee Awards, Custody, Divorce, Equitable Distribution, Estate and Trust Issues, Interspousal Agreements, Mediation/Arbitration, Modification, Other, Practice Issues, Prenuptial Agreements, Privacy and Confidentiality, Property Settlement Agreements, Resources, Tax Exemption

Oftentimes I hear from clients that gathering their financial information is the most daunting task they will face during the divorce process. They picture being buried in an avalanche of documents, account numbers and canceled checks. The New Jersey Divorce App’s Finance Tracker can help.  In fact, I have recommended it to my clients before,… Continue Reading

Want Your Day In Court? Think Twice.

Posted in Alimony, Child Support, Divorce, Equitable Distribution, Other

Divorce filings seem to be at an all-time high and, to no surprise, the trial courts are feeling the pressure.  Documents filed with the court can get lost in the shuffle.  Although motions should be addressed within 24 days from the initial filing date, it can take months until the court actually makes a decision.  By then,… Continue Reading


Posted in Other

How does one change their name, or that of a child, in the State of New Jersey?  Well, as set forth in the recently unpublished (not precedential) Appellate Division decision, Henao v. Tibbrine, there’s a law for that, which requires an applicant seeking a name change to file a verified Complaint in the Superior Court, with… Continue Reading

More on when a settlement is a Settlement

Posted in Interspousal Agreements, Other, Practice Issues

A recent case in which one party sought to enforce a purported settlement demonstrates the difficulties that arise when there is no signed agreement. In the unreported ( non-precedential) case of Galdo v. Hagarty, the parties were both represented by counsel during a dispute about the payment of child support and college expenses for one of… Continue Reading


Posted in Adoption, Other

The Supreme Court of New Jersey’s recent decision in New Jersey Division of Youth and Family Services v. L.L., provides a good opportunity to review New Jersey’s Kinship Legal Guardianship Act. The Act is designed to address the needs of children and caregivers in long-term “kinship” relationships, placing those children who cannot safely reside with their parents… Continue Reading

Strings attached to the Engagement Ring?…The Wedding is OFF!

Posted in Other

I have heard many beautiful stories about how people became engaged. Some people “pop the question” after a romantic dinner. Some do it during a romantic getaway. Some are very creative and have proposed at baseball games, on television, using banners being tugged from an airplane, on top of a mountain, etc. Clearly, those moments are very emotional and… Continue Reading


Posted in Other

In light of the current economic crises plaguing our country, your home may be on the brink of foreclosure, or will be sold by way of a short sale. You may also have staggering credit card debt. Therefore, when entering into a property settlement agreement that involves debt forgiveness (i.e. foreclosure, short sale, and reduction… Continue Reading


Posted in Other

More often than not, a matrimonial law attorney is not a C.P.A.  More often than not during the process of a case, a client will ask the advice of their attorney, "How should I/we file tax returns this year?"  The answer is and should be first and foremost a reference to a C.P.A.  A qualified… Continue Reading