Every year, I blog about the New Year’s Resolution Divorce.  This phenomena, both anecdotally and statistically proven, is a good explanation for the spike in divorce filings after the beginning of the New Year.  Some articles have attributed it to a feeling of  “new year, new life”. Others have attributed it to a desire to turn over a new leaf to start over and improve ones life.


In our experience, this has proven true.  Also true in our experience is a spike in new divorces at the end of the summer, more specifically, just after the beginning of the school year. There are articles that anecdotally support this phenomena, as well.

This makes sense to me.  For many parents, the beginning of a school year seems to be a more significant new year than December 31st.  I am certain that many act at this time to not disrupt the children’s summer vacation and also, with the hope that the divorce will be over before the next one.  In any event, we have seen and are prepared for our client’s New Year’s resolution in September.  For their sake, we can only hope that resolution will be facilitated by the Fourth of July.


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