While I never thought that I would be quoting Adam Sandler on this blog, now is as good a time as any.  As he once famously sang, “Hanukkah is the festival of lights.  Instead of one day of presents, we have eight crazy nights.”  My kids are certainly ready to go, already asking what presents they are going to receive starting tonight, which is the first night of the holiday.  In honor of the holiday, I thought of eight things that, of course, divorce litigants should hope to receive.  While Hanukkah is obviously a Jewish holiday, certainly all of these gifts can be placed under the Christmas tree as well.



1.  Peace and quiet during the holiday season As I recently blogged about, there is nothing worse than divorce-related conflict during the holiday season, whether it relates to parenting time or otherwise.  Oftentimes litigation results from what many consider the most emotional time of the year.

2.  A fast and amicable divorce – This is one of those gifts that you, as the litigant, have a lot of control over.  After everything that you have been through, working with your spouse towards an amicable divorce will benefit everyone involvfed.

3.  An attorney who is your right “fit” – I have previously preached about the importance of working with an attorney who only practices in the area of family law, and with who you work well with.

4.  A fair and equitable settlement agreement – Rather than being pressured into signing something with which you do not agree, your agreement should, at the very least, be fair for both parties involved.

5.  Uninterrupted receipt of your support payments – One of the basic gifts should be your receipt of support when it is due, and in the amount agreed upon or ordered.  You would be surprised (or maybe not), at how often this does not occur.  Probation and related wage garnishments can certainly help this process to ensure that payment is received, which is why the payor spouse often does not want it to happen.

6.  Parenting time with the kids without interference with the other parent – Consistent with the first gift, parenting time with the kids should be uninterrupted, should occur as scheduled, and you should be able to enjoy your time with your kids.

7.  Money in your pocket Spending every penny that you have ever saved on your divorce litigation may leave you feeling empty once the case is over, especially when you determine where and how you are going to live, and raise the children.

8.  Tasty latkes – It may not be divorce related, but it sure is important on Hanukkah to have only the best potato latkes with applesauce on the side.

For divorce litigants, I hope that you experience some, if not all of the above.  With that, I wish our readers a happy and healthy holiday.