Over time, many myths have developed in the ever changing world of New Jersey Family Law.  The question is whether they are true, false, or somewhere in between.   In a new publication on the Fox Rothschild Family Law Practice Page, we debunk many of those myths one at a time.

The publication, entitled “Debunking New Jersey’s Family Law Myths,” addresses a wide range of myths including, but not limited to:

  • Is alimony is determined by a formula?
  • Does the “permanent” in permanent alimony really mean what it says?
  • Is joint residential custody ever granted?
  • Must a palimony agreement be in writing?
  • Can a divorce occur if only one spouse wants to get divorced?

While family law can oftentimes be filled with many difficult questions, this should aid in gaining a better understanding of some of the basics.  Please be sure to consult with experienced family law counsel when addressing these issues and any questions you may have.