My father used to tell a bad joke that went "Q. Why do men die before their wives?  A. Because they want to."  Bad joke aside, while there are many studies that show that men are typically financially better off then women after a divorce, are they happier?  There is now a study that suggests that maybe they are not.

In fact, Aaron Weems, an associate in our Bucks County office and editor of our Pennsylvania Family Law Blog recently posted an interesting piece on that blog on the The Longevity Project, entitled "Ladies: Get Divorced and Live Great; Guys, Get Divorced and Die Early."

Aaron noted that  the authors concluded that after going through a divorce women tend to thrive and live long, active lives, while men, quite simply, do not. They die early. Aaron further noted that the impact on divorce was surprising: men who divorced, stayed divorced, or remarried and divorced again saw their mortality rates rise far above their long-married peers. Women, on the other hand, seemed to thrive after they divorced (single women and widows did similarly well). The authors reasoning was that women often left bad marriages and, for possibly the first time in their adult lives, found themselves in charge of their own life and were invigorated by the opportunity to live independently.

In any event, both Aaron’s blog and the study itself are interesting reads and food for thought.  I will leave the joke telling to my father, however.