Julia Ganz, an associate in our Exton, Pennsylvania office, and a contributor the firm’s Pennsylvania Family Law blog, wrote an interesting post on that blog entitled "Virtual Visitation."

The post talks about how technology can be used to enhance, if not foster parenting time between children and the non-custodial parent.  With the advent and improvement of web cams, Skype and other methods, there are more options than ever. The new Iphone allows for video calling.  In fact, technology such as this can often be used as a method of maintaining contact in relocation cases (while no one is suggesting that it is the same and actual, in person parenting time.)  Julie’s post discusses cases from a few jurisdictions which required the use of this type of technology is such case. 

While particularly useful in relocation cases, it is not hard to imagine that the use of this technology will become more prevalent even when both parents live close by.  With that, there will probably be disputes over this well, how much is too much, too often, etc. Stay tuned.