Mark Ashton, a partner in our Exton, Pennsylvania office, and a contributor the firm’s Pennsylvania Family Law blog, wrote a thought provoking post on that blog entitled "Some Free Advice About Marriage Counseling."  To read that post, click here.

Mark’s post touches on the decision to get a divorce, a divorce lawyer’s role (or lack thereof) in that process and the utility of marriage counseling.  I have often heard marriage counselors say that by the time that a couple got to them, it was too late, or that they went to marriage counseling for permission to get out of the marriage.  Some people go because they are trying to save face, or at least want to say that they tried when they have really checked out of the marriage long ago.  I have heard of others yet who have used the marriage counselor’s office as the venue to drop the bomb about wanting/going forward with a divorce. 

In any event, Mark’s post provides an interesting perspective on the issue.