Summer is over.  Kids are either back to school by now or will start by Tuesday.  The regular routine for most families will soon be back in full swing.

Another phenomena occurs this time of year.  A surge of people call for divorce consultations.  At first I thought it odd or coincidental.  Over the last several years, it has become commonplace.  There is a similar phenomena after New Year’s Day. 

New Year’s seems logical – New Year’s resolutions.  Seemingly decisions are made to not be unhappy anymore and improve what one perceives to be a problem in their lives.  Back to school, however, does not have the same immediate "of course" as to why things occur this time of year.

I suspect that for most people, theirs kids are the most important thing. Since the kids are off and around during the summer, I suspect that many people do not want to start the process while their children are off, where long planned family vacations are scheduled, etc.  Once the routine is back it place, there are more distractions.

This is not to say that people do not start divorces at other times of the year.  Just that there are noticeable surges at these two times of years.

Though this is not to suggest that anyone should rush out to get a divorce, for those with questions about the process, our firm can answer any of your questions.  With our three offices in New Jersey, we cover the entire state.