Jane Lessner,  a partner in our Philadelphia office and a contributor to our Pennsylvania Family Law Blog, wrote an excellent post entitled "MERRY ????? HAPPY????? HOLIDAY????" To view the full post, click here.

The point of the post, put much better by Jane than me, is that parents should not ruin the holidays for the children because of their hostility and selfishness.  We see it all of the time.  Motions or Orders to Show Cause (emergent applications) to resolve holidays.  The more parents can cooperate put conflict aside for their children, the better adjusted the children will be. 

Jennifer Weisberg Milner from our Princeton office wrote on this topic last year.  To read her Alert, click here.

Aside from being civil at the holidays, parents should also be civil at events where they will both be present (i.e. graduations, dance recitals, sporting events, bar mitzvahs, communions, confirmations, etc.)  If not, every future happy event could be filled with trepidation if not dread, wondering what the parents will do to ruin the child’s happy day. 

Hopefully, parents will remember to put the children’s best interests first at the holidays and always.