The administrative office of the courts recently announced that law enforcement officials will have access to information on final restraining orders (FRO’s) nationwide.  This access will provide an added layer of security for domestic violence victims who have left the state either temporarily or permanently.

How will this work? The courts are going to be working with the NJ State Police and the Criminal Justice Information Unit, in the division of law and public safety.  They will work together to transmit the FRO information into the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) database.

The National Crime Information database file exists to help police authorities and criminal agencies locate missing persons, apprehend fugitives, return stolen property and protect law enforcement personnel who may encounter these individuals.

Once all the FRO information from NJ is entered into the database, the information will be accessible to law enforcement agencies nationwide.  Through this project, domestic violence victims who travel or move to another state have the added assurance that the FRO issued in New Jersey will remain permanently in effect and enforceable nationwide.