Natalie Famous, an associate in our Bucks County, Pennsylvania office, wrote a terrific post on who gets the family photos  on the Pennsylvania Family Law Blog.

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As to personal property issues in general, aside from avoiding the fight about these issues, if that is not possible, make sure that everyone knows exactly what is being divided.  We have a case where despite the fact that most everyone would think that the use of terms such as "bedroom set", "dining room set" and "living room set" meant simply the furniture in those rooms, a party is taking the position that  those definitions include all the sheets and bedding, all of the floor coverings, all of the wall coverings, all of the serving pieces, etc. in the dining room furniture, and worse.  There have been numerous motions where the husband continued to complain that he did not get his belongings.  Only after his greater inquiry, including his deposition, did we learn what he meant.  While I have my own beliefs as to whether the way the husband is litigating is a tactic to upset the wife and run up her fees, the better practice would have been (this was done by the firm that previously represented my client)  to specifically list each piece of furniture so such discrepancies never come up.