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Will the Palimony Statute Be Applied Retroactively – The Appellate Division May Soon Tell Us

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In January 2010, on his way out of office, Governor Corzine signed a bill requiring palimony agreements to be in writing.  We previously blogged on the enactment of that law.  The question that arose is whether the bill was prospective in nature or whether it applied retroactively.  At a seminar I attended in May, I heard a… Continue Reading

Palimony Agreements Must be in Writing and Signed

Posted in Palimony

In October of 2008, Jennifer W. Milner blogged on palimony and pending legislation (S-2091), which, if enacted, would overturn the palimony decisions she discussed by requiring that any such contract to support one for life must be in writing and signed by the person making the promise. More specifically, that a promise by one party to… Continue Reading


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Most people have heard or had experience with an attorney who’s behaviors were, one could say, questionable.  What most have not considered is what implications an attorney’s unethical or questionable behaviors could have on them. The New Jersey Supreme Court has provided some guidance on this very topic in the recent decision of Brundage v…. Continue Reading