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Over time, many myths have developed in the ever changing world of New Jersey Family Law.  The question is whether they are true, false, or somewhere in between.   In a new publication on the Fox Rothschild Family Law Practice Page, we debunk many of those myths one at a time.

The publication, entitled “Debunking New Jersey’s Family Law Myths,” addresses a wide range of myths including, but not limited to:

  • Is alimony is determined by a formula?
  • Does the “permanent” in permanent alimony really mean what it says?
  • Is joint residential custody ever granted?
  • Must a palimony agreement be in writing?
  • Can a divorce occur if only one spouse wants to get divorced?

While family law can oftentimes be filled with many difficult questions, this should aid in gaining a better understanding of some of the basics.  Please be sure to consult with experienced family law counsel when addressing these issues and any questions you may have.


Robert Epstein is an associate in Fox Rothschild LLP’s Family Law Practice Group. Robert practices in the firm’s Roseland, New Jersey office and can be reached at (973) 994-7526, or repstein@foxrothschild.com.